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11 Ways to Be Successful with Text Alerts

So you’re sending texts for your business or organization- But how can you be successful with text alerts?

How can you make the most out of it?

How can you get the best response and see the best return on your investment?

Here are 11 tips that can help!

be successful with text alerts

Ways to be successful with text alerts

1. Send regularly

You’ll be wasting money and potential if you never send out an alert!

To be successful with text alerts, send regular messages and make your presence known to your customers.

Even if your texts don’t directly result in any sales, this will help keep your brand on their minds!

2. Don’t send too much

On the flipside, while you want to send enough to promote your brand successfully, you don’t want to oversend.

Sending too many messages will irritate your customers and will result in opt-outs.

You know your customers and your situation best so you’ll need to determine what is the right balance to meet your needs.

Some direct sales consultants send a text every time they go live, for example. A restaurant might send a text 1-2 times per week.

3. Make content concise

It is generally good to keep content as concise as you can while still getting across the important info.

Longer texts can cost you more money if they split into multiple or if you send it as an MMS (multimedia message). So it is best to even keep it below 160 characters if possible, though this is not always practical.

4. Send at appropriate times of the day

This should go without saying, but you don’t want to send text alerts to people at 1:00 in the morning.

Text during normal hours of the day, not inappropriately late or early. Your mom may appreciate getting a text from you at 10pm, but your customers will not!

5. Segment your list

Another tool you can use to be successful with text alerts is group segmentation.

Separating your subscribers into groups will allow you to send messages most relevant to them.

This way you’re not wasting texts and annoying your customers by sending them messages that do not pertain to them.

6. Have a tone consistent with your brand

Your text messages will have a voice. And you want to make sure the tone of your “voice” is the tone you want to convey.

Your business/organization might be one with a more laid-back feel. In that case, you can be more relaxed and use slang, exclamation points, or even emojis.

But if your brand is one with a more professional approach, you will want to convey that in your texts as well.

7. Advertise opt-in info everywhere

To be successful with text alerts, you need people to subscribe to receive them from you of course!

And in order to subscribe, people need to know how. So you’ll want to take every opportunity to give people instructions on how to opt in to receive your alerts.

You can include opt-in info in newsletters, social media posts, your website, Facebook cover photo, mailings, at your storefront, and anywhere else customers will look!

8. Give exclusive deals/discounts

You may be able to get a better response to your text marketing alerts if you include deals or discounts exclusive to your text subscribers.

You could even include a special deal to incentivize people to sign up initially. For example, “Sign up for text alerts to receive 15% off your next purchase!”

Even if they sign up just to get that initial deal and then unsubscribe, you’ve still won another sale from them!

9. Time your messages strategically

You’ll want to strategize what days will be the best for you to send your messages.

This largely depends on your business and your audience. But you’ll need to decide if you think you’ll get the best results by sending messages at the beginning, in the middle, or toward the end of the week.

You can consider questions such as, “What days do I need a bigger boost in business?” or “What days will my customers most likely take action?”

10. Monitor replies and follow up

Depending on what kinds of messages you’re sending, it’s possible you may receive text responses from your audience.

You will want to keep up on your subscribers’ replies and make sure you follow up with the appropriate ones (if it makes sense with your business model).

You can view replies regularly, or even have them forwarded to your own phone so you can be notified each time a reply comes in.

11. Plan ahead and schedule messages

You will get the best success out of your text messages if you plan ahead as much as is feasible.

You can even schedule out your messages ahead of time, which can help you save both time and hassle.

Hopefully these strategies can help you be successful with text alerts!

The best advice, of course, is to know yourself and your audience so that you can engage with them in a way that makes sense for your own circumstance.

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