What is the best way to drive better webinar success with SMS marketing?

By Jake Meador | 30 Jun 2020



One of the greatest challenges that comes with a move toward doing more and more of our business online is the problem of trust.


In a pre-digital world, trust was relatively straightforward: Businesses had storefronts in your neighborhood. You walked by them. You knew the owner—or you knew someone who knew the owner. You may have bought something from them before. Your trust in that business either grew or diminished simply over the course of your daily living.


With digitally based commerce, however, you can’t organically develop familiarity and trust with a business. And this can become a real problem when you’re trying to convince potential customers to buy from you.


Webinars and Trust

To help address this problem, businesses have used all sorts of techniques. Sometimes it is very simple methods—having an active social media presence, avoiding the use of stock photos on their website, etc. 


In other cases they try to take greater steps to build trust with prospects built around more expansive marketing content. For some businesses, especially businesses that have a uniquely high need for consumer trust (personal coaches, financial advisors, etc.), webinars have proven to be a valuable method.


That said, webinars, as they are often used anyway, aren’t a perfect solution either. Attendance rates are poor. Webinar hosts struggle to follow-up with attendees, let alone those who registered and then did not attend.


Thus even for businesses successfully using webinars to build trust with prospects, there are still lingering difficulties.


SMS and Webinars

Here is the good news: The problem with webinars is not with anything that is essential to how webinars work. Webinars do many things well. There aren’t a lot of bad things that are simply baked into webinars as a marketing channel.


The problem is with what webinars don’t do. There isn’t a great way to fix the no-show problem. And obviously you’ll need separate tools for doing follow-up with attendees.


The issue, then, is you need webinars and something else, something that fills in the gaps that webinars do not address.


We believe texting is how you can do that. 


Webinars do well with complexity, long-form engagement, and big ideas. You need something to include as a supportive channel that excels at short-form communication and motivating people to take a specific action. 


Texting does both of those things well.


How to Drive Better Webinar Success with SMS Marketing

So what is the best single way to improve your marketing performance with webinars? Use texting for the following tasks:

  • Sending reminder messages before the webinar starts to make sure people who signed up actually attend.

  • Send the webinar replay to registrants who did not attend.

  • Send mobile surveys to attendees to solicit feedback and ask for ways to improve the webinar.


In short, you’re using SMS marketing to supplement the work you’re doing via webinars. 


Webinars provide the depth, the personal touch, and do much of the work with persuading prospects that you’re trustworthy and intelligent. SMS then serves as the logistics side of things, you might say: It helps you handle follow-up, maintain contact with attendees, start further conversation with them, and so on.


The best way to use SMS marketing to promote your webinars is simply to use SMS to do all the things that webinars can’t do.


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