How to Create an SMS Bot Using Smart Replies

By Aaron Nicholson | April 30, 2021


mya the sms bot


What is an SMS bot? 🤖

An SMS bot is a text messaging tool that automatically responds to the messages you send to it. Users can send special words or numbers, called smart reply keywords and receive custom responses immediately.


SMS Bot vs. Automated Phone Answering Service

Have you ever called a business and dealt with their automated answering service?

☎️ Hello. Please press 1 for sales, press 2 for support, or press 0 to speak to the operator.


Most business have these answering services but they're slow, inefficient, and no one likes interacting with them.


The Power of SMS Bots

SMS bots have the same power to engage the customer 24/7 but with 100x the speed and convenience. On average, Americans send and receive 94 text messages per day. So people are quite familar with texting. SMS bots allow business to engage their customers, share information, and generate sales faster and more efficiently. 

Keep reading to see more benefits!


Show Me an Example 📱

Meet Mya. Mya is an SMS bot who was created by Mobile Text Alerts using Smart Replies. She can teach you about Smart Replies using...Smart Replies. 😄 Go ahead and send her a text message!


Open your text messaging app on your phone and text "MYA" to 74121.


Mya is a friendly and non-pushy bot. 😄 This means she won't follow up with you unless you ask specific questions.


What will Mya say? 🎤

If you text MYA to 74121, she'll respond like this:


Hi, my name is Mya & I am an SMS bot. I was built using Smart Replies, a feature by Mobile Text Alerts. What would you like to do? 1) Reply LEARN to discover how businesses use SMS bots to engage their customers & grow their revenue. 2) Reply SETUP to learn how to create a bot like me! 3) Reply GO to get a free 14-day trial account & create a bot in minutes. Reply STOP to unsubscribe. Which uppercase word would you like to text?


Just respond with one of those uppercase words to keep chatting with Mya.


Why should I create my own SMS bot? 🤔

1) SMS has a 99% read rate. It is an extremely efficient messaging channel.

2) SMS messages stay in your customer's SMS inbox. Unlike chat bot windows or emails, your customers won't forget about them or lose their connection.

3) SMS bots are incredibly easy to create. Go here to learn how.

4) SMS bots reduce buying friction. SMS bots make it easy for their customer to ask questions, receive answers, and receive trackable links.

5) SMS bots are free to create. 


Does this require coding? 👨‍💻

No coding is required. The Mobile Text Alerts platform allows you to simply type in your keyword triggers and auto-responses. It's incredibly easy to create an SMS bot.


How to Create Your Own SMS Bot for Free 🤩

You can sign up for a free 14-day trial account here. Your account comes preloaded with:

  • 1 Opt in keyword

  • 1 Five-digit short code

  • Unlimited Smart Reply keywords and responses

  • 50 messages

  • Full account access


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