3 Benefits of Using SMS Marketing to Drive Webinar Success

By Jake Meador | 02 Jul 2020



At a prior job we rolled out a new marketing strategy built around webinars. We thought it would be another way to collect emails and, unlike ebooks and whitepapers, these contacts would actually get to interact with us personally. We hoped that this would lead to more engaged, higher quality leads for the sales team.


Mostly… it didn’t work.


Why not?


There were several issues.


Why Our Webinars Failed 🤦‍♀️

First, we burned out our list. We sent webinar invitations to around 2,000 people. The first one got about 600 signups, which was excellent. But we did them monthly, which was probably too frequent for our industry, and four or five months in we were lucky to break 150 signups.


Second, we didn’t have a great plan for what to do between when a person signed up and when the webinar started.


Third, we also didn’t have a great plan for follow-up with registrants who did not attend. Our post-event marketing was mostly built around action items that followed from the content presented in the webinar.


Some of these problems can get solved by better planning—we should not have scheduled as many webinars as frequently as we did. But planning wouldn’t solve the other problems. Those were problems not only with our messaging strategy, but with our messaging tools.


For simple communications, it’s far better to use texting than email. And a lot of what was missing in our strategy was simple communication.


How Texting Improves Webinar Performance 📱

There are three particular ways that texting can help boost your webinar performance.


Improved Attendance Rates 📈

First and most obvious, texting can improve your attendance rates. This makes sense intuitively once you stop to think about it: Email inboxes are cluttered plus people aren’t in their email inbox all the time anyway. 


But we always have our phone near us and we always check our text messages. So it’s no surprise that a webinar event reminder sent via text would outperform email reminders.


Don’t send event reminders to your attendees via email. They probably won’t see it and almost certainly won’t engage with it.


Instead, send a couple text reminders the day of the webinar. The first can go out several hours before it begins. The other can go out 5-10 minutes before it starts. This can dramatically improve your attendance rate.


Hi Joie, just reminding you that your webinar starts in 1 hour. See you soon!


Your webinar starts in 5 minutes! Here’s the link [link]. Be sure to say hi when you’re in! 


Improved Follow-Up with No-Shows 🤝

Another problem we had at my old job was that we didn’t have a great plan to market to no-shows. Given that most webinars have attendance rates below 50%, failing to plan for no-shows means ignoring half your registrants.


The simplest way to follow-up with people who registered but did not attend your webinar is by texting them a link to the replay of the webinar once it is live. 


Hi Audree, thanks again for registering for the webinar. Here’s the replay link [link] if you missed it or wanted to watch it again.


This makes it incredibly easy for them to view the replay and increases the chances that they’ll actually watch the webinar and then take whatever actions you’re hoping they take after.


Often improved marketing is a result of making one small tweak or change that dramatically improves outcomes. Something as simple as texting the webinar replay to registrants who didn’t attend might be that trick for your webinar marketing strategy.


Improved Follow-Up with Attendees 👋

One more idea: Most of us are incredibly busy. So finding the right ways to follow up with attendees is essential.


Your attendees, even the ones who loved the webinar, are probably not going to want to take the time to have a phone conversation or even answer an email right after the webinar. They have other things to do and, besides, they just gave you an hour of their time. Why are you asking for more?


Texting, however, isn’t a large time commitment. With SMS marketing software, you can send a quick survey out after the webinar. 


You could send it out as a poll that asks people to rate the webinar on a scale of 1-5. This would tell you how valuable people found the content.


Or you might send an open-ended question: 


What was your favorite part of today’s webinar?




What do you want to learn more about after today’s session?




What did you expect us to cover today that we did not?


Which route you take will depend on what kind of follow-up you have planned. If the webinar is more of a top-of-funnel tactic for you, then you may just want the data. So send out a poll.


If the webinar is something closer to the bottom of your sales funnel, then the open-ended question is probably the better way to go. However they answer the question, that will be helpful to your sales team as they plan their conversation with the lead.


Conclusion ⭐

We often think of marketing as a volume game. We spend great amounts of time chasing traffic and chasing larger lead volume. But sometimes the biggest marketing wins come from finding ways to better engage the audience you already have. 


With texting, you can take your established webinar audience and make it considerably more valuable to your sales team. If you’d like to get started using texting to improve webinar performance, sign up for a free trial with Mobile Text Alerts today. You won’t need to give us your credit card information when you sign up. It’s a free 14-day trial that allows you to test out the software to see if it’s right for you. Good luck! 



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