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How to Set Up a Text Alert System

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What’s a Text Alert System?

A text alert system is an online SMS platform for businesses and organizations who struggle with making sure their updates are seen, and who want to reach large groups of people more efficiently and easily.

A text alert system offers tools for adding and managing contacts, automating text messages, and tracking sent messages. It also often offers a mobile app for convenient account management and use.

Easy Step-By-Step Instructions

Sending a text alert through the text alert system at Mobile Text Alerts can be done in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Sign Up for Free

Step 1: Sign Up for Free

Enter your name and password and click sign up! You'll get a free phone number, 50 messages, & full account access.

Step 2: Add Contacts

Step 2: Add Contacts

You can either (1) load in contacts manually, (2) use easy opt-in tools to have them sign up, or (3) integrate with other services you use.

Step 3: Type Up Your Message

Step 3: Type Up Your Message

Write a short message reminder, alert, update, or notification to your team & click send. It's that easy!

How to Send a Message (Video Walkthrough)

Who Uses a Text Alert System (and How)?

Why Should I Get a Text Alert System?

No more frustrating miscommunication and missed updates - Mass text alerts are read 5x more than emails, they send 100x faster than phone calls, and they are a billion times more reliable than communicating information via word-of-mouth. Go ahead and see for yourself!
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How Can Mobile Text Alerts Help Me?

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Easy Mass Text Alerts

You already know texts would be the best way to broadcast your updates and make sure they’re seen. So you’ll appreciate being able to do that quickly and easily with the online platform or mobile app.

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Hassle-Free Automation

Who wants to use a tool that will make life harder for them? Enjoy automations such as scheduled messages, recurring texts, drip campaigns, and auto-responses to breeze through your texting efforts.

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Handy Mobile App

Your text alerts are mobile, so you should have the option to be mobile too. The handy mobile app is available where you need it, when you need it.

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Friendly and Available Support

You know that feeling when you just can’t get ahold of support when you need it? Frustrating, right? Don’t settle - Enjoy live chat support within seconds during business hours, and 1-day response time after hours.

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Convenient Account Management

Disorganization leads to a lot of stress. Keep things orderly by taking advantage of account management options, including group segmentation of contacts and unlimited administrator seats.

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Flexible Opt-in Choices

You don’t want to be limited in the ways you can provide for your group to opt-in to your texts. For the most satisfying results in your texting efforts, take advantage of opt-in methods that work for you, including text-to-join, QR codes, web forms, integrations, and more.

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"Affordable and functional! I love that it's easy to use and it has a low cost. It's very helpful for our business!
Kristen Heideman
Kristen Heideman


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