What sets Mobile Text Alerts Apart?

Why choose Mobile Text Alerts? What sets us apart from other text alert services?

What sets Mobile Text Alerts apart from our competitors?

Text alerts at a price you can afford

With plans starting at only $19/month (billed annually) there is a price point to fit almost any budget! You can view our pricing plans here. (If none of our plans meet your needs you can always contact us to try to work out a custom plan as well!)

Simple yet robust

To send out text alerts through our system, you need to know essentially just two things: how to add subscribers into your contact list and how to send a message. If you want to move beyond that, however, we have a variety of other features including message templates, the ability to organize contacts into groups, marketing tools, reports, and much more!

Helpful customer support

Our customer support representatives are here to help! You can reach out via any of the methods on our Contact Us page (phone and live chat support hours are 8am-7pm CST on weekdays and 8am-12pm on Saturdays).

Feedback that can make a difference

At Mobile Text Alerts we are always working to make our product better. If you have feature requests you can let us know - We build features that you think are important!

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