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Tutorials - Tabs
There are three main tabs in your control panel. All operations on your control panel are controlled by these three tabs



1. Main Tab
This tab controls most text alert functions. From this tab you can: Send Messages, manage and create members (members are people signed up for the text alert system that will receive messages), manage and create groups (you can organize members into 'groups,' and then send messages to certain groups at a time), and schedule messages to be sent in the future.

2. Users Tab
This tab manages users for your account. You can set up different "users" for your account. Users will have access to only one group of members. If, for example, you would like to give your Choir Director access to only the "Choir" group, you could set him/her up as a "User" for that group. When that User logs in, he/she can only manage members of the "Choir" group, and can only send messages to the "Choir" group.

3. Options Tab
This tab lets you set the options for your account. You can set: Account Name, Username, Contact Name, Email, Welcome Message and more.


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