Sending your first message

After you have added some subscribers into the system you can start sending messages immediately.

Step 1: Log into your control panel

Visit the login page

Enter the username and password that you chose when you created the account.

If you can't remember your password, you can use the 'forgot your password' link on the login page to reset your password.

Click "Log In"

Step 2: Visit the Send Message page

You can visit this page by clicking the 'Send Message' link on the side navigation, or the navigation on the main dashboard.

Send text message

Step 3: Select when you would like this message to go out

By default, your message it set to be set out "now", but you can also schedule your message to go out at a later date.

Schedule text messages

Step 4: Select the recipients of your message

Before you sent out your message, you need to select who you would like it go to.

To All Subscribers

Your first option is to send your message to all of your subscribers. This will simply deliver your message to everyone who is a part of your account.

To a Group(s)

Your second option is to send your message to one or more groups. With Mobile Text Alerts you have the option to organize your subscribers into different distribution groups. Your messages can go out to one or more of these groups.

To Individual Subscribers

You also have the option of selecting one or more individual subscribers that you would like your message to go to.

SMS message recipients

Step 5: Enter the content of your message

After you have selected when you want your message to go out, and you have selected who you would like your message to go to, the last thing you need to do is enter the content for the message and click 'Send'

Add SMS message content

The whole process takes about 30 seconds, and your first messages should be delivered to your subscribers phones within seconds!

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