Sending a message by texting in to the system

Sometimes you need to send a message out, but you can't get to a computer, or you can't get somewhere that has internet access. Mobile Text Alerts has a convenient feature that allows you to send out a text message to your subscription list by sending a text in to the system.

Step 1: Set up an Administrator

Before you can send a message by texting in to the system, you need to set up your phone number as an administrator (you wouldn't want just anyone to be able to send out messages to your group!)

Click 'Add an Administrator'

Mobile text alerts administrator

Enter information for your administrator. The only important field for our purposes is the 'Phone Number' field. Enter the phone number that you would like to be able to use to send in the messages that you would like to be forwarded out to your subscribers.

It is also important to set your administrator as a 'Super Administrator', this gives this phone number permission to send in messages.

Once you are done, you can click the 'Save' link.

Add phone number

Step 2: Send in a message from the administrator phone number

Now that you have a phone number set up as an administrator, you can begin sending out messages by texting in to the system.

With the administrator phone number, send a message with the following format to the system's phone number (229-299-8227).

Message format:
(group name) (message)

Group name can be any of the groups on your account. This is the group that you would like your message to go out to. You can use the special group name "all" to have the message sent to your entire subscription list.

For example, sending the message "all The game has been cancelled tonight" (without quotes) will send the message "The game has been cancelled tonight" to your entire subscription list. Sending the message "choir Rehearsal is at 8:10 tonight" will send the message "Rehearsal is at 8:10 tonight" to the "Choir" group.

Note: Group names can only be one word in order for this feature to work properly.

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