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Tutorials - Members Panel
The Members Panel is where you handle all of your member information. In the Member's Panel you can: Insert/Remove Members, Add/Remove Members from particular groups, Search or Filter for specific members, Select all members (check all members "Send Message Boxes"), as well as view and edit member information.



Insert Member Button
The "Insert" button on the toolbar will create a member in the members list. A member will be created with a First Name of "First," a Last Name of "Last," and a Phone Number of "9999999999." You will need to edit the details of this member to match the person you are trying to add to your account (data can be edited by double clicking on any value in the member list)

Remove Member Button
The "Remove" button on the toolbar will remove all selected members from the members list (there is no way to recover lost members, so be careful before removing members)

Add Member To Group Button
The "Add To Group" button on the toolbar will add the selected members to the selected group.

Remove Member From Group Button
The "Leave Group" button on the toolbar will remove the selected members from the selected group.


Search/Filter Box
The "Search/Filter" box allows you to search/filter for a certain member in the member's list. Enter in a string of text or a number, hit "enter," and the members list will update with only members that match either first name, last name, email, or phone number with the search/filter text. Empty the search/filter box and press "enter" to show all members in your account.


Select All Button
The "Select All" button will check/uncheck every checkbox for each member's "Send Message" checkbox in the members panel.


Editing Member Details
To edit member information, simply double click on any member list data.


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