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Tutorials - Main Tab
The main tab is where a majority of your functions will be performed. There are four panels on the main tab.



1. Groups Panel
This panel is where you manage your groups. You can edit the names of your groups, insert new groups, remove groups, show members of the group, send messages to the group, and hide the group on the sign up page.

2. Members Panel
This panel is where you manage your members. You can edit member details (such as name, phone number, email, and carrier). You can also insert and remove members, add or remove users from groups, search for a certain member, and select which members you would like to send a message to.

3. Member Groups Panel
When you select a member, this panel shows you which groups that member is in. You can also click the "Remove" box to remove the selected user from the group.

4. Messages Panel
The Messages Panel is where you send your messages. You can also see messages you've sent in the past, or schedule messages to be sent in the future.


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