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Tutorials - Groups Panel
The Groups Panel is where you can manage your groups. In the groups panel you can: Add/Delete Groups, Show Members of the group, edit the names of your groups, send a message to your group, and hide your groups on the signup pages.



The Toolbar
There are three functions that can be performed on the groups toolbar.




Add -- Add a group to the groups list with Name "Untitled" (you can change it whenever you would like to)


Delete -- Delete a group from the groups list


Show Members -- If a member is selected, it shows all members in the users panel that are part of that particular group

The Groups List
The Groups List contains a list of all the groups that are currently a part of your account.


Edit Account Name -- To edit an account name, double click on the names of any of your groups. An edit box will open up that allows you to change the name of the group to the new desired group name.


Send Message Checkbox -- If you check the "Send Message" checkbox next to one of your groups in Groups List, all of the members that are in that particular group will automatically have their "Send Message" checkboxes checked as well (all members with their "Send Message" checkboxes checked will receive any messages that are sent in the Messages Panel.


Hidden Group Checkbox -- When a group is "hidden," it means that group is no longer available as an option for members to choose when signing up on your member sign up page (<accountName>). If a group's "hidden" checkbox is checked, it means that group is not available for joining on the sign up page, if the group's "hidden" checkbox is unchecked, that group can be signed up for as normal.


The "hidden" checkbox can be particularly useful for "admin" or "staff" groups, or any groups that you would like to be able to manually add members to, but do not want to allow members to be a part of on their own.


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