Adding your first subscribers

Before you can start sending messages you need to add subscribers to your account. Mobile Text Alerts makes it easy and convenient to get members into your system by providing 3 easy ways to insert subscribers.

Engage Your Members

Texting in to the system

Subscribers can sign up for your text alert system by texting your keyword to 662-200-4303 (we also have shortcodes available).

Easy to Use

Subscriber sign-up page

When you create an account, we will generate a sign-up page for you. You can either keep your sign-up page hosted on our site, or you can embed the HTML onto your website to allow people to sign-up directly from your site.


Importing a spreadsheet

If you have an existing list of numbers that you would like to put into your text alert system, you can import a spreadsheet in your control panel.

Method 1: Sending a text in to the system

The easiest way to get subscribers into your system is for them to text your keyword into the system at 662-200-4303

What is a keyword?

Your keyword is a unique identifier for your organization. Your subscribers text the keyword into the system and they are added to your account.

What number do subscribers text in to?

The default number for our system that is included with your account is 662-200-4303. We also have a shortcode available (48421) for an additional $14.99/month fee. If you prefer, you can customize your 10-digit phone number for $9.99/month

Can I purchase additional keywords?

Yes, additional keywords can be purchased on the 662 number for $2.99/month. Keywords on the shortcode (48421) are always $15/month.

Can subscribers remove themselves by texting in?

Yes, subscribers can remove themselves from your messages by texting in 'stop' or 'unsubscribe'.

Method 2: Visiting your sign-up page

With every account a sign-up page is generated. The sign-up page allows subscribers to enter their first name, last name, phone number, and select what groups they would like to be part of.

What is the URL of my sign-up page?

The default URL for your sign-up page is where "keyword" is replaced with your keyword. For example, for our account 'verse-of-the-day', the URL for the sign-up page is

Can I change the design of my sign-up page?

Yes, we can add a logo or change the colors on your sign-up page for no extra fee. If you are part of our Professional, Premium, or Enterprise plans, we will even have a designer work with you to do a complete page redesign.

Can I embed the form on my own website?

Yes, you can embed the HTML from your sign-up page on your own website. We have programmers ready to help you with your integration if you need it.

Method 3: Adding subscribers in your control panel

If you already have existing subscribers that you would like to add yourself, you can add them one-by-one in your control panel, or you can upload a spreadsheet.

How do I upload individual subscribers?

To upload subscribers one-by-one, first log in to your account on the Login Page.

Click the 'Subscribers' tab on the left-hand column of your screen. A drop-down menu will appear with the options "Manage Subscribers" or "Import Subscribers."

Click "Manage Subscribers." The screen will then look like this:

Mange your subscribers

Click the green "Add a Subscriber" button near the top of the screen and a new row will be added to the list of subscribers. Type in the new subscriber's first name (optional), last name (optional), phone number (required), and email (optional), and then click "Save" on the right side of the row to save the information.

How do I import subscribers from a spreadsheet?

Click on "Import Subscribers" on the left side of your screen to go to this page:

Import subscribers

As the page explains, you can drag and drop a spreadsheet from your computer onto the large box that says “Drop files to upload.” Or you can click on the box to upload a file from your computer. Your spreadsheet must be in XLS, XLSX, ODS, or CSV format; you can click on the “template spreadsheet” link to download a template that will be in the correct format.

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