Getting Acquainted With Your Text Alert System

Any new product is hard to get the hang of at first. Here are some simple, easy-to-follow tutorials that will help you get up and running with your text alert system.

Watch a quick video overview and learn how to send out your first message.

Before you can send out any messages, you need to have "subscribers" to send these messages to. This short tutorial will show you three simple ways you can add subscribers to your group (or they can add themselves).

Once you have added a few subscribers to your group, sending a message just takes a few seconds. This tutorial shows you how to quickly send out messages to your subscribers.

Sometimes, you don't have internet access when a message needs to be sent out. In this tutorial, learn how you can send out a message quickly from your phone by simply sending a text into the system.

A quick run-through on the administrative control panel. Shows all the features the control panel offers and how to use them.

Sometimes it is convenient to organize your subscribers into different distribution groups. That way you can send certain messages out to certain people. This tutorial walks you through how to add groups, add subscribers to groups, remove subscribers from groups, edit and delete groups, and other useful tips and tricks.

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