Text Alerts for Direct Sales Consultants

  • Send a mass text to your customers before your next live
  • Include the live link directly in your text message
  • Watch your live sale attendance increase by 50%

How to Tell If Your Marketing Is Working?

There's an easy way to quickly find out if a marketing channel is working: just stop using it.

Not sure about email? Quit sending emails. Now you’ll know if it works or not.

The trouble is most of us don’t want to take that risk because if the channel we drop is actually performing, we’ll miss out on a lot of revenue. But for the small business owners willing to take a risk, they can learn some things about their business, their customers, and their marketing.

Anna's Risky Test and Surprising Result

Anna, who owns a small jewelry business and does a lot of her sales online, is one such example. She had been a long-time customer with Mobile Text Alerts, using it as a part of her sales process. Before going live online for a sales event, she would send out a message via SMS to her list to let them know about the event.

But one day she decided to drop texting and see if she could maintain the same sales figures. Long story short, she couldn’t.

“I stopped using it for several months,” she said. “I kept thinking, ‘what is wrong with my business?’” Her sales were down. Customers, even loyal ones, weren’t showing up for her events. She couldn’t figure out the problem until she decided to return to Mobile Text Alerts. She reverted to her old event promotion strategy and immediately her attendance and sales numbers shot back up.

As a result of her test, here's what Anna says,

If I had a friend that had a small business, I would definitely recommend Mobile Text Alerts. I know it works.

Sending Texts From the Mobile App

In particular, Anna appreciated how easy it is to send SMS messages before going live.

“When I go live I’m able to send my customers a little text alert right from my phone, which I love being able to do. There’s a little app, I just switch over to it right before I go live.”

If you’re uncertain about how texting could help your direct sales business, take it from Anna: SMS works. Sign up for a free, no-risk trial and send your first message today!

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