SMS Marketing for Boosting Event Attendance

  • Boost event attendance by sending out SMS reminders.
  • Get a 99% read rate on texts.
  • Get a free phone number. No CC required.

SMS Makes Communicating Event Information Simple

Katie Hollis runs marketing and promotion for a music venue in the Houston area. They needed a communication method for alerting customers to upcoming events.

Eventually they found SMS and Mobile Text Alerts. They haven’t looked back.

Mobile Text Alerts has made it very easy to get information out to people who are interested and to sell tickets quickly.

One of the problems they needed to solve was managing a large list of contacts and segmenting them based on the shows they’ve attended in the past. Mobile Text Alerts made that easy.

Managing Your Contact List

My favorite feature is the ease of uploading the CSV file and creating a specific group so you can notify just a select group of individuals. This makes it easy to notify customers of various tickets that are available, as well as refunding them for rescheduled shows that were canceled due to COVID.

Incredible Customer Support

Additionally, Hollis found that Mobile Text Alerts’s customer service was exceptional.

My favorite part is the customer service. I can always get a hold of someone quickly and get my question answered then and there. There’s no waiting 24 hours for a response. They never make me feel dumb. I work with a lot of service providers and Mobile Text Alerts is my absolute favorite. Their customer service is why I’ll be a customer for as long as I’m in the music industry.

Put Texting to Work for Your Venue Today

If you work in event promotions and need help communicating with customers, you can get started with SMS today simply by signing up for a free, no-risk trial with Mobile Text Alerts:

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