SMS Marketing Best Practices

Wanting to improve or get started on your SMS marketing? Here are some bulk SMS marketing best practices to help you find the best results!

SMS Marketing Best Practices

Obtain Consent

With SMS marketing you’ll want to ensure that you obtain consent from subscribers before sending them texts.

This is vitally important for several reasons:

  1. It is ethical.
  2. It ensures you’re not wasting money on people who don’t care about your messages.
  3. It protects you from legal ramifications of people who might sue you for unsolicited spam.

People are happy to receive text alerts if they’ve signed up for them, but woe to those who send unsolicited marketing texts.

A couple tools we offer that can help you obtain consent include opt-in keywords.


Allow for Easy Opt-Out

Along the same lines as needing to obtain consent you also want to allow for easy opt-out if people change their mind and want to unsubscribe from your alerts.

We allow easy opt-out if people simply reply STOP to any of your messages. You just need to make people aware of these instructions.

Allowing for people to opt out easily might seem counterintuitive but it makes sense for legal and ethical reasons, and it also helps you not to waste money sending messages to people who don’t want to receive them.


Don't Over-send

SMS marketing is different from email marketing in one respect: it is much easier to over-send.

Nobody wants to receive a marketing text every day, so you’ll want to time your messages appropriately.

Depending on your market, you may want to send just 1-2 texts per week, but the actual frequency may vary depending on your business and your audience.


Target Your List

Whenever possible you want to segment and target your list with messages that are directly relevant to them.

If you’re a clothing retailer, for example, you could break up your list by gender and/or age. Then when you run a sale on sundresses, for example, you won’t irritate your male customers by bothering them about a text message that has no value for them.

Segmenting can help you really narrow down your messaging to the people who actually want to see it. And this, in turn, can yield greater results and fewer opt-outs.

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