How SMS Helps Local Businesses Thrive

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  • Keep people updated during the COVID crisis.
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How SMS Helps Local Businesses Thrive

Audrey Klassen runs a music school in Kansas City, KS. During the COVID pandemic, she found it difficult to keep her business running, as did many other small business owners.

With Mobile Text Alerts, she found an affordable, reliable solution that allowed her to communicate with customers and identify ways of keeping everything afloat.

Mobile Text Alerts has helped our business grow by helping us connect with our clients easily and quickly during an economic crisis.

"Groups" Feature Makes Reaching the Right People Easy

In particular, she appreciates the "groups" feature, which allows her to group students according to instrument, grade, class, or whatever other method she needs.

Our favorite feature is 'groups,' which is really helpful for reaching specific people.

Making Your Business Stand Out

Do you want to grow? Are you thinking outside the box? Then Mobile Text Alerts will help you stand out among other businesses.

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