Send Text Messages to Groups

As a business marketer, you may have several SMS campaigns you want to run. Or you may want to AB test campaigns to see what content is most effective.

With Mobile Text Alerts, you can segment your SMS marketing campaigns into groups so that you can target and organize your campaigns as desired and get the most bang for your buck.

Segmenting your SMS campaigns into groups helps ensure that people receive messages that are most relevant to them so you’re not wasting money sending messages to people if those campaigns don’t pertain to them.

There are a few different ways you can segment your customers into groups:

  • Adding them to groups manually
  • Importing them from a spreadsheet
  • Having customers sign up for groups via an online sign-up page
  • Having customers sign up for groups by texting in a particular word to a designated number (i.e. “Text the word ‘sale’ to the number 81257”)

You can manage your groups from the Mobile Text Alerts control panel.

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