Schedule Text Messages

Too busy to spend a lot of time on marketing campaigns? Wanting to “autopilot” your marketing efforts with a marketing solution that offers better results than your current low email open rates and mediocre social media response?

No worries!

Your Mobile Text Alerts account offers an SMS scheduling feature. This allows you to schedule your SMS campaigns ahead of time so that you can just set it up and let it go.

This means that your highly effective SMS marketing (with a read rate as high as 98%) can be scheduled according to the dates and times that work best for your audience without you having to manually send out the messages.

From your Mobile Text Alerts dashboard, you will simply select that you want your message to be scheduled for a future time and then you will see some scheduling options:

You can select the date/time you want your message to go out as well as whether you would like your message to be repeated (i.e. if you want your audience to receive the same campaign regularly).

So get scheduling and watch your sales soar!

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