November 2022 Product Updates

See the latest platform updates, plus get access to 4 marketing guides to help you get the most out of your text alert system.

1. More Personalization = More Engagement

The more relevant your messages are to your recipients, the more likely they will be to engage with what you’re saying.


With that in mind, you can now personalize your messages according to the data that’s in any custom fields you’ve created on your account. (This will help make your messages seem as relevant to your subscribers as possible.)


What does that mean?


Well, let’s say you have a custom field that you’ve called “Location.” Let’s say you use this field to designate the location each of your subscribers shops at.


Now when you send a message, you can insert that custom field variable into your message. So each recipient would receive the message with their own individual location name.


EXAMPLE: > Don’t miss out on the big sale going on right now at [location]! 25% off storewide! Come stop by and mention this text to get the EXCLUSIVE discount.”

You can do this with any custom field, so the possibilities are limitless!


Just click the “Variable” icon when setting up your message on the Send a Message page.


(You can create custom variables under your Settings page.)

2. Make Your Web Sign-Up Form Look How YOU Want It to Look

Customizing your online subscriber sign-up form is easier than ever, because you can now drag ‘n drop the different elements of the form in 30 seconds (or even less).

This means you can easily change the locations of the different sections of your form, simply by dragging each section to its desired position on the page.

3. Never Lose Track of a Conversation

You can now document your individual 1-on-1 conversations with subscribers who have replied to your messages. (That way, you can keep track of all your interactions.)

Just click on a conversation thread within your Inbox, and select the new “Export Conversation” button to download a spreadsheet documenting that thread.

4. [New Guide] Don’t Miss Out on the “Black November” Rush

In this new guide on marketing for Black Friday, you’ll discover…

  • Why “Black Friday” should be thought of as “Black November”... + 4 mind-blowing stats about why you should make every effort to take advantage of the Black Friday season (see the section “Why Marketing for Black Friday Matters”)
  • How building anticipation ahead of time can help make your Black Friday a booming success (see points 1 and 2 in the section “General Marketing for Black Friday”)
  • 90+ templates of Black Friday texts, to help give you tangible ideas for your own Black Friday efforts (see the section “Specific Examples”)

Get More Sales Out of My Black Friday Marketing

5. More Ways to Get the Most Sales Possible Out of Your SMS Marketing...

Here are 3 more guides to help you make sure you’re getting the most sales possible from your marketing efforts - and with your SMS marketing in particular:

October 2022 Update

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September 2022 Update

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August 2022 Update

1. New “Send a Message” Page: Send Your Texts in Less than 30 Seconds
2. New “Compose” Option: Send Quick One-Off Messages in Just a Couple of Clicks
3. “Message Templates” Platform Page: Creating Message Templates Has Never Been Easier
4. MTA + The Campaign Registry = The Most Flexibility for Sending Your Texts
5. Get the Most Out of Your Texting Platform with New Articles & Guides

July 2022 Update

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2. What Is Multimedia Messaging (and Why Does It Matter)?
3. Ultimate Mass Texting Service Guide
4. 8 Pro Tips to Grow Your SMS Subscriber List
5. A Thorough Guide to Developing a High-Performance Mobile Marketing Strategy

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