Online Texting

Use online texting to improve communication and build your business

Online texting improves communication

Looking for a quick and effective way to reach customers, members, or any other audience? Look no further than our online texting service, Mobile Text Alerts!

With online texting your messages can be sent out and seen by recipients within minutes. No more wondering if people will actually read your messages.

Direct Sales Consultants Use Online Texting

Many consultants and distributors from popular direct sales companies such as LuLaRoe, Young Living, and Paparazzi use text alerts. You will find it useful to get info out to customers about pop-up parties, sales, and products. A simple "Live at 7pm!" message can help drive sales and increase profits!

Small Businesses Use Online Texting

Whether you are an HR director in an office or an owner of a seasonal ski shop, text alerts are right for you! Small businesses use text alerts not only for marketing their products, but also for internal communication. Online texting provides a convenient and effective way to let employees know about reschedulings, system outages, office closings, or any other announcements so that you can eliminate the headache of scrambling to communicate with everyone!

Churches and Religious Organizations Use Online Texting

Online texting is not only great for businesses but also for non-profits, including churches. A text alert is a simple way to get info out to all your members at once. You can send out reminders, announcements, weather cancellations, or any other kind of alert, and your members will be much more likely to pay attention when it comes straight to their phone via text!

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