How a Non-Profit Director Uses Text Alerts

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Choosing the Best Communication Channel

Nate Lewis is the regional director of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) in west central Nebraska; FCA is an organization that partners with coaches and athletes to promote the Christian faith within their spheres of influence.

This means that Lewis has a fairly diverse range of people he needs to regularly communicate with: students, coaches, staff, volunteers, and donors.

Managing all of that can be difficult under the best of circumstances. But if you’re trying to do that while using a communication channel that simply doesn’t work anymore?


People don’t look at email as much as they used to, they live with their faces on their phone.

Why Texting?

For someone like Lewis, that means communicating effectively requires communicating using the devices that people prefer and are already using almost constantly. It means text messaging.

Texting has been really critical for us. It has helped us stay consistently in front of coaches, donors, and volunteers.

Lewis’ Favorite SMS Features

In particular, Lewis appreciates how Mobile Text Alerts allows him to handle mass communication in a way that still feels personal and targeted to the specific individuals he’s messaging.

I really like how you can personalize the text and still use people’s names even though you’re sending out a mass communication.

Lewis also values the ability to schedule messages and create groups within your subscriber list. Both features are especially helpful ahead of events that his organization is sponsoring, as it is straightforward to identify event attendees in their subscriber list and send them a reminder message before the event.

The Value of SMS for Non-Profits

For Lewis the value of SMS and Mobile Text Alerts is obvious:

There’s no question when it comes to why you should use this tool. Critical information is going to be way more consistently looked at through text message than it will any other communication today.

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