Mass Texting for Manufacturers

  • Send shift updates, meeting reminders, and safety alerts.
  • Get a free phone number. No CC required.
  • Employees do not have to download an app. Everyone texts!

When Bad Communication Hits Your Bottom Line

Bill Mondillo is the facilities manager with Metalworking Group in Cincinnati, OH. He uses texting to keep in touch with all his employees. He first realized their need for text messaging when they had a power outage at their facility.

A power outage at your place of business is never a good thing, of course. But for Mondillo’s firm there was still another problem.

They sometimes do not have enough work to keep all their employees busy for a full eight hour day. As a result, employees are sometimes sent home early. As a company policy, Mondillo’s firm pays employees for two hours labor any time they come in to work, even if they are sent home prior to working for two hours. But when power fails, no one can work. So anyone who came in to work that day would be sent home immediately and owed two hours wages.

This added up to a significant liability for the organization, which made Mondillo realize they needed a better solution.

Due to the power failure, we were unable to reach our employees because email didn’t work and we couldn’t pull up phone numbers on a computer because we didn’t have power.

A Better Way to Contact Employees

This is when they began looking for a better way to contact employees with urgent information. They soon discovered SMS as a possible solution and then shortly after made the decision to give Mobile Text Alerts a try.

Message Your Employees from Anywhere with the App

I looked at a lot of systems that would meet my budget. This one really came through for me. I have several features I really like. The mobile app is great because I don’t need to be at a computer to communicate with our employees. There is also a replies feature in the dashboard. I can get feedback from the employees right away.

Finally, he said he appreciates that the desktop version of the product is web-based:

I don’t need to install any software on a computer in order to use it.

Attentive Customer Service

In addition to the value of the product itself, which helped save the business money since it made it easier to communicate promptly with their team, Mondillo also appreciates the customer service offered by Mobile Text Alerts.

If you need help online, the help is exceptional. Everything was answered quickly and with no delays.

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If you are looking for a communications solution that makes internal communication simply, reliable, and fast, then Mobile Text Alerts is the solution you’ve been looking for.

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