Mass Text Messaging Benefits

  • Unlike emails, which are often ignored and remain unopened, nearly all text messages are opened and read
  • You can have confidence that for most recipients, your message will be read right away
  • Unlike social media, radio, or television ads, texting is extremely targeted
  • Mass text messaging can result in huge profit increases or uptakes in organization efficiency

Targeting Your Mass Text Messages

  • The nature of mass text messaging requires that subscribers opt in to receive messages
  • The opt-in nature of texting ensures right off the bat that your subscribers will be interested in receiving your messages
  • No more time and money wasted on trying to communicate with a disinterested audience!


  • There is a mass text messaging plan available for every budget
  • Plans start as little as $19/month

Delivery Reports

  • Mass text messaging allows you to keep track of who is seeing your messages
  • Know right away if your message was sent to a wrong number

How Do I Use Mass Text Messaging?

Eliminate confusion by immediately communicating any updates or reminders to staff, community members, customers, or anyone else

  • Weather cancellations
  • Unexpected changes
  • Announcements
  • Emergencies
  • Event details/reminders
  • And more!
  • Advertise products, promotions, or events

    Increase sales for your business by sending exclusive deals to loyal customers

    Build rapport with customers or community members by sharing fun trivia, words of encouragement, birthday messages, or Bible verses

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