Send Mass Text Messages

Send Mass Text Messages

Stay connected with your group

I love this program - it's so easy to use and everything is straightforward and right in front of you.

Send mass text messages to your group. Members can subscribe themselves by texting in, then you as an administrator can send out mass text messages to your subscribers from your control panel.

Get information out to hundreds (or thousands) of people in just a few seconds

Last night was our first time using the application. It has enabled us to do so many things. Our numbers increased, and the responsiveness was amazing.

Text Messaging Open Rates are 98%

Subscribers Sign Up

Receive Messages

Send Your Message

You can get subscribers into your system by either texting in to the system your 'keyword', visiting your generated sign-up page, or by uploading a spreadsheet of existing numbers.

Log into our easy to use control panel, select who you would like the messages to go out to, and click 'Send'

Your message will be received by your recipients within seconds of sending.

Schedule Messages

Send Out Phone Alerts

Delivery Reports

Don't worry about remembering that a certain message needs to go out at a certain time. Schedule the message to go out when you want it. 

Have some subscribers that don't have text messaging? You can set them up to receive phone call alerts.

You don't have to wonder whether your message got through or not. We provide you with a detailed delivery report.

Send Mass Text Messages Today

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Send Mass Text Messages

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Send Mass Text Messages

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Schedule messages to go out in the future
Subsribers can text in 'stop', so your list is self-managing!
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