Young Living Text Alerts

Boost sales, build relationships, grow your business.

Young Living Text Alerts

Are you a Young Living distributor looking for a way to grow your business? Want to boost sales, educate Young Living members and enhance their overall experience?

For distributors of Young Living, text alerts are an excellent means of interacting with your clients and helping them make the most of their essential oils.

How can text alerts help you?


Give people useful info about their oils to help them be informed! Understanding the nuances of all the different kinds of oils can be confusing and overwhelming, particularly for new members, so they will appreciate receiving the advice of an expert. A particular feature of ours that people use for their Young Living text alerts is the drip campaign, which allows you to set up a series of messages to go out to your clients automatically over a period of time.


One problem many Young Living distributors face is inactive members. Inactive members means expiring accounts, which is not good for you! You can use text alerts to message these people in a format they’ll actually pay attention to (a text message).


When you send out your Young Living text alerts, your message reaches people right on their mobile phones. In turn they can also reply and you can view their replies and respond back from the system. This personal interaction can help members feel involved and connected with you and your product.

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