Ski resorts use text alerts to keep skiers updated on clope conditions.

Text Message Marketing for Ski Shops

Use text alerts for your ski resort’s notification system

Ski Resorts use text alerts to send out promotional options.

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Whether it’s reminding staff about the next meeting time and location or reminding skiers to return their rental equipment, sending out a text alert can be a simple and convenient way to help eliminate confusion


You can use text alerts to quickly get announcements out to a large number of people. Let staff know about the details for the staff Christmas party, or announce an event or promotion to skiers.

Cancellations and Delays

Expecting a blizzard or need to perform maintenance on your buildings or slopes? Let staff and skiers know if the shops/slopes will be closed for the day or have a delayed opening time.

Slope Conditions

Some ski resorts use text alerts to update skiers on the current condition of the slopes, such as the snow totals, so that skiers can be informed and prepared.

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