Realtors send out notices regarding open houses.

Text Message Marketing for Realtors

Use text alerts as your realty team’s notification system

Realtors send out text alerts to new home buyers.

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Realtors use text alerts
Realty teams use text alerts
Realtor listing updates
Realty property updates

What do realtors use text alerts for?

Internal Updates and Announcements

Realtors use text alerts to communicate with their team about updates or announcements that are relevant to them. Let people know about events, training sessions, server issues, or anything else your team needs to be aware of!


Having problems with employees or clients forgetting about meetings, deadlines, conference calls, property tours, or webinars? Text alerts allow you to send out quick reminders so that no one misses an event or deadline.

Property Listings

Sending out text alerts is an easy way for realtors to make potential clients aware of new property listings. You can send out a brief text message with relevant details and can even include a link to an online listing.

Home realtor listing updates

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