Text alerts for non-profit organizations

Use text alerts as your notification system

Non-profit organization text alerts

In addition to the thousands of churches that use text alerts, many other non-profits find text alerts useful:

  • ABAYOMI uses text alerts to make announcements
  • Aging & In-Home Services use text alerts to provide weather notifications
  • Broodstone Memorial uses text alerts to maintain contact with staff
  • Brooke Hancock Family Resource Network uses text alerts to notify it's members
  • Boy Scouts of America use text alerts as an emergency contact system
  • Collective Roots use text alerts to send out announcements
  • Community Development Institution uses text alerts to send out updates
  • Covenant House Missions use text alerts to keep members in the loop
  • Community Services for Children uses text alerts in case of emergencies
  • DePaul Community Resources use text alerts to send out announcements
  • Dollar Boyz use text alerts for advertising
  • SMS alerts for non-profits
  • Har Shalom uses text alerts to make announcements
  • Lion of Judah uses text alerts to make announcements
  • Metro United Way uses text alerts to send out weather notifications
  • Mount Hermon uses text alerts to make accouncements
  • Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries uses text alerts to keep it's community informed
  • NTM uses text alerts
  • The Refuge
  • Shepherd's Hope uses text alerts to send out updates
  • A Step Up Academy uses text alerts to send out emergency updates
  • Texas Assoication of Nurse Anesthetists uses text alerts to send out community notices
  • Unity of Kansas City North uses text alerts to keep in touch with the community
  • USW Local 831 uses text alerts

What do non-profit organizations use text alerts for?


Text messaging is a great way to announce events or activities to your customers/clients, as well as your staff or volunteer team. Let your volunteers know when the next cleaning day is for your facility, or let your subscribers know when the next farmer’s market will be held in the community. Announce new videos uploaded to your social media page, or let people know when the next staff meeting will be.


Let staff, volunteers, and clientele know about important updates. Need to reschedule the “English as a second language” class? Need to postpone volunteer orientation? Need to let clients know details about an upcoming event? Text alerts are just the thing. You can even ask for an RSVP to events, and subscribers’ responses will be sent to your email.


Text alerts allow non-profits to advertise affordably, conveniently, and effectively. It’s an easy way to get the word out about new products, services, and promotions to people who might be able to benefit from your organization.

Cancellations and closings

How can you get the word out about event cancellations or facility closings? Perhaps there is severe weather that makes driving on the roads unsafe. Maybe staff training needs to be canceled because the supervisor is ill. Whatever the issue, text alerts can be your solution.


In the event of an emergency, text alerts can be vital to help people be safe. If it’s severe weather, nearby crime, potential threats to staff or clients—text messaging can let people know immediately what to do in response.

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