Text Alerts for Independent Retailers

Grow your business as an independent retailer by sending text alerts

Are text alerts worth it for you?


Hundreds of independent clothing retailers (such as LuLaRoe retailers) use text alerts to let customers know when they’re having sales and to engage their audience like never before!

Mobile Text Alerts offers many features independent retailers will find useful:

Integrate with BLESS

LuLaRoe retailers can connect with BLESS to easily make current customers aware of how to subscribe to your text alerts.

Facebook giveaways

Connect with your Facebook account and host giveaways for your customers. When you make a giveaway post on one of your groups, the system will automatically select a winner from the people who comment on your post.

Loyalty rewards

Keep track of how many purchases your subscribers have made and send them an automated text when they receive a loyalty reward.

Digital coupons

Design coupons that you can include in your texts to help engage your customers.

Scheduling messages

Send out your message right away, or schedule it out for a specific day/time if you want it to go out later.

Live Sale Assistant

Our Live Assistant feature helps you run your live sales. The assistant watches your sale and keeps track of all sold comments.

And much more!

We offer a variety of additional features to help you reach your customers quickly and efficiently.

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What do independent retailers use text alerts for?

Inventory Updates

Let people know when you have clothes back in stock.

New Sales

Let your subscribers know that you are having a sale. This can increase the revenue generated from the sale by up to 60%!


Drive traffic to your website by letting your customers know you are having a contest.

Retailer sales notice

What LuLaRoe retailers are saying

‘"I love it so far! I just started using it last night and it worked wonderfully and helped my sales! It was very easy to set up and use and I appreciate how user friendly and convenient it is! I will def keep using it!"’

– Stephanie Orehek, LuLaRoe Consultant

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