Day cares use text alerts to remind about holiday hours and closings.

Mass Text Alerts for Lawyers

Use text alerts for your law firm's notification system

Day cares and preschools use text alerts to send out weather advisories

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Keep clients up to date on the status of their case. Let them know when you’ve worked on their case and send them a summary of what work you did and how much time you spent. Keep clients in the loop about new services or anything else that might be of use to them.

Bringing in New Clients

Text alerts can be used to help draw in potential clients. Send out marketing texts promoting your services to interested prospects.

Office Management

Not only can text alerts be useful for clients and prospective clients, but you can also use them to help coordinate the office. Whether you need to let staff know that you are rescheduling this week’s meeting or you need to communicate an office closure due to severe weather, text alerts are just the thing.


Sending out text alerts is an easy way to remind employees and clients about important dates, events, or details. Remind your employees about the upcoming office meeting or (gently) remind your clients about their invoice balance.

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