Mass Text Messaging Service for Local Government

Use text alerts as your local government’s notification system

Local Governments use text alerts to notify citizens of upcoming elections.

Join other local government offices that have found text alerts useful:

  • Brownsville Tennessee
  • Chestnuthill.
  • Dayton Ohio
  • Erie PA
  • Harsville, SC
  • Kenilworth.

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What do local governments use text alerts for?

Road Updates

Let citizens know about closed roads and bridges, as well as detours

Community Events

Keep citizens up to date on the details regarding upcoming community events

Staff Issues

Inform staff about internal issues, such as servers being down or equipment malfunctioning

Local Project Updates

Let citizens know what’s going on with the latest local government project—deadlines, locations, progress reports, and other details

Office Closings

Keep people in the know if the government offices need to close down due to inclement weather


Send out text alerts as a quick and convenient way to make a large amount of people aware about an emergency

Coordinating Departments

Use text alerts to help coordinate specific departments within your local government, such as human services or recreation

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