Text alerts for colleges and universities

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Use text alerts as your college notification system

Join other colleges and universities that have found text alerts useful

  • Adams State University uses mobile text alerts to improve class attendance.
  • LOYOLA University Chicago uses text alerts to notify students of class cancellations.
  • National American University uses text alerts to distribute important announcements
  • SALUS University uses text alerts to notify students of severe weather conditions.
  • Graceland University uses text alerts to keep staff updated on important issues.
  • Kansas State University Foundation uses text alerts to coordinate programs.
  • Lancaster Bible College uses text alerts to remind students of class schedules.
  • Mid America Nazarene University uses text alerts to provide announcement information.

What do colleges and universities use text alerts for?


Let students know about events, activities, and updates at your school.

Cancellations and Delays

Get the word out about event cancellations or delayed starts due to weather or other issues.

Emergencies and Security Alerts

Let students, faculty, and staff know about emergencies or potential threats to security in the area.

Coordinating Programs

Many universities use text alerts to help coordinate specific programs or divisions in the school. For example, one university might send out texts to their music department to make students aware of audition details or available gigs; another university might send out texts to students involved in the internship program to remind them of important information.

Staff and Faculty Updates

Use text alerts to keep your staff and faculty updated on things they need to know. Let professors know when they need to post attendance. Keep people up to date on the rescheduled staff meeting or the latest faculty change.


Reminding people about an event can increase attendance by up to 80%. You can send out reminders about graduation, orientation, class sign-up dates, sports events, band concerts, and your professors can even send out homework reminders.

Increase Graduation Rate

For students who are failing, follow up with them via text alerts to try working with them to get their grades up. You have the option to allow for replies so that students are able to respond to the texts. This can make for great personalization and can increase students’ chances of earning better grades and completing a degree.

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