Day cares use text alerts to remind about holiday hours and closings.

Text Message Alerts for Stockbrokers

Use text alerts as your notification system

Day cares and preschools use text alerts to send out weather advisories

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Stockbrokers can use text alerts for:


This is the main reason stockbrokers use our text alerts services—to advise people on what’s going on in the stock market. You can send as many texts as you need letting people know percentages, costs, which stocks are up, which stocks are down, and anything else that people might need advisement on when it comes to buying and selling stocks.


Use text messaging to bring in new clients or new potential clients. Advertise your service’s competitive advantage and try to draw people in. Let them know about any promotions or sales you have going on.

Instant Updates

Going along with advising, the ability to send instant updates to your clients is extremely useful when it comes to dealing with stocks. The stock market is constantly changing, so you can keep your clients up to date as often as you need to.


You can let people know about new seminars, informational sessions, videos, books, and any other of your new products or services that might help them. Announcing these services via text will help ensure that your clients are aware of them so that they can utilize them.

Stock updates

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‘I really love this platform! I spent a ton of time looking at different services and the platforms they offered and how many messages and stuff and I really like this one! Its a great layout, mobile friendly, and can do some much stuff and is so simple!’

– Grant Dahlquist

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