Text Alerts for Banks

Use text alerts as your bank notification system

Bank SMS alerts

Join other banks that find text alerts useful:

  • ABAYOMI uses text alerts to make announcements
  • Bank updates
  • Financial updates
  • Bank text alerts
  • Community Services for Children uses text alerts in case of emergencies

What do banks use text alerts for?

Employee updates

The #1 thing that our bank customers use text alerts for is to keep their employees updated. Whether the server is down, phone lines aren’t working, or there is severe weather and people are unsure whether they should be coming into work, sending out text alerts is a quick and effective way to get information across to employees.

Products and promotions

For customers (or potential customers) who have expressed an interest, text alerts can be a great method for letting them know about new products or promotions. Giving them that gentle push might be just what they need.

Other updates and announcements

Are you going to participate in an event in the community? Will your employees be visiting college campuses or workplaces? Will your facilities be closing early due to severe weather? Let people know with text alerts!

Bank promotion alerts

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