What industries do we service?

Text alerts can benefit anyone.

Church Text Alerts


We created this service as an affordable way for churches to send out text alerts, and they remain a core of our business.

School Text Alerts


Some use it mainly for emergencies and weather cancellations, others use it on a day-to-day basis to remind students to complete their homework, or to let them know what the daily lunch specials are.

Small Business Text Alerts


Don't make your members guess if their son's game is rained out tonight, send them a text alert letting them know for sure!

Camp Text Alerts


Keep your campers (and their parents!) informed on announcements and what else is going on at your camp.

Small Business Text Alerts

Fitness Clubs/Gyms

Keep your customers informed as to upcoming events, scheduled changes, and weather cancellations.

Small Business Text Alerts

Small Businesses

Whether it be letting your staff know that there is overtime available this week, or letting your customers know about a promotion available this week. The possibilities for small businesses to use text alerts are endless.

Daycare Text Alerts


Keep in touch with your customers about announcements concerning your daycare.

Nonprofit Text Alerts


We understand that non-profit organizations are on a tight-budget. Get a professional text alert system set up for non-professional prices.

College Text Alerts


College students spend a lot of time sending text messages, and very little time sending emails. Connect with your students in a way that they will actually receive your information.

Transit Text Alerts

Transit Systems

Let your passengers know about cancellations, delays, detours, or any other changes to your transit system's schedule.

Local Government Text Alerts

Local Governments

Keep your community updated! Whether it be emergencies, road updates, or an upcoming townhall meeting, hundreds of local communities have found text alerts beneficial.

College Text Alerts

Ski Shops

Your regular customers will greatly appreciate updates about snow-fall, what runs are open, and what condition the slopes are in.

Broker Text Alerts


Use text alerts to notify your customers about changing stock prices, offering service that sets you apart from the competition.

Bank Text Alerts


Send text alerts to your clients to advise, advertise, or update with the latest stock prices. An easy way to set yourself apart from the competition.

Text Alerts for Lawyers

Law Firms

Let your firm know about announcements and reminders quickly and efficiently. Text alerts are also a great way to bring in new clients!

LuLaRoe Text Alerts

LuLaRoe Consultants

Hundreds of LuLaRoe consultants have found text alerts a great way to gather subscribers, let people know about new inventory, and run contests; causing boosts in sales in some cases by up to 60%!

Essential Oils Text Marketing

Essential Oil Distributors

Essential oils distributors have found text marketing a great way to boost their sales and and educate their subscribers about all the benefits from natural remedies.

Realtor text message marketing.


Realtors have been using text alerts to communicate with their team about updates or announcements that are relevant to them. A few possibilities include events, training sessions, server issues, or anything else of an urgen nature.

What our customers are saying

‘Your product is wonderful- very easy to setup and use and extremely proficient.’

– Jamie McLean, VP, Corporate Business Systems

‘I love this program - it's so easy to use everything is straightforward and right in front of you.’

– Barter Connections, Newton Center, MA

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