How Can I Send Mass Text Messages?

Mobile Text Alerts lets you send mass text messages


Send mass text messages in 30 seconds

How it Works

Use mobile text alerts
1. Collect your member's contact information

Your members can text in to join or visit a custom "Sign up" form created specifically for you. If you already have your member's informaton you can enter it yourself, or upload a spreadsheet.

Step 1

SMS control panel
2. Login to our user friendly control panel

With the username/password created for you at sign up, you can log into our control panel that was designed with you (the customer) in mind.

Step 2

Send group SMS
3. Send your message

Select which people or groups of people you would like to receive your message, enter your message, and click send. Viola! Within one minute your members will receive the message you sent.

Step 3

Why Choose Mobile Text Alerts ?

The most affordable/user friendly text alert software available
  • Affordable - No startup fee, no fee per text
  • Simple - Easy to use control panel
  • Easy to import contacts - Text in or import a spreadsheet
  • Risk free - Try it out before you pay
Affordable SMS service


Useful text alerts
Pastor Wayne Fox - Wyoming, OH

"Loved the service. It was very useful"

Pastors use text alerts
Immediately send out text alerts
Dave Brown - Las Vegas, NV

"The Text service is working great! I have sent out several texts and they all went out immediately!"

Immediate text alerts
Keep your customers up to date
Christine Lee - Scarsdale, NY

"We are looking forward to another year using this service. We even have plans to expand our usage of this system."

Easily send more texts

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