Emergency Notifications

What’s the best way to get emergency notifications out to your group?

Email? People get so many emails that they ignore or just glance over most of them.

Phone calls? Half the time they just go to voicemail.

Social media? No one sees or pays attention to group posts.

So what’s the answer for effectively getting out emergency notifications?

Mass text messaging.

Think about it. I’ll bet if your phone pinged with a new text right now you would reach over and read it.

So would everyone else!


What’s the Best Way to Notify People?

Mass texting for emergency notifications helps you ensure that as many people receive your important messages as possible.

The best results come from utilizing mass text messaging in addition to email, phone call, or whatever other method you’re currently using.

This is effective for messages such as weather alerts, office or event cancellations, and drills (as well as real emergencies, of course).

Using an SMS service will allow you to manage a database of your contacts and send out your emergency notifications quickly and easily whenever needed.

No more scrambling trying to make sure everyone gets the message. No more frustration from people who didn’t check their email or answer an automated phone call!

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