Grow Sales // Jan 2, 2020

How to Convert More ClickFunnel Leads with SMS

Learn why SMS Marketing is the most effective way to move leads down your marketing funnel.

James Pelton

James Pelton

CEO of Mobile Text Alerts


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What is a Marketing Funnel?

If you’ve ever tried to sell something online 💻, you are probably familiar with the term, “funnel.”

simple marketing funnel

A Marketing Funnel provides you with a way to sell your products better. As you know, a lot of people who visit your website aren’t quite ready to buy from you at first. They are just looking around. They don’t know you, they don’t like you, and they don’t trust you 😠.

Many times, we go right for the jugular with these people and skip straight to 📢 “buy from me!” before we have walked them through the engagement steps of knowing us, liking us, trusting us, and THEN buying from us.

📚 A “Marketing Funnel” is a system that increases engagement from your potential customers (leads) and turns them into buyers.

If you think of a funnel, the top is large, and as you get closer to the end, it gets smaller and smaller.

Like this...

simple marketing funnel

Top of the Funnel

Let’s translate this into marketing. At the top of the funnel, there are new website visitors who aren’t interested in buying anything from you. They have entered your marketing funnel by visiting your website. Your goal is to bring them down the funnel until they’re actually ready to buy.

You might do this with some content: explaining who you are or by giving your customers some information of value. You might create a video 🎥 similar to the video at the top of this page. My goal isn’t to necessarily sell you anything at this point, it is simply to provide value to you and bring you along in our marketing “funnel.”

Once a visitor consumes the information you’ve provided, they become a lead.

Middle of the Funnel

Further down your funnel you might ask your leads for their email address ✉️ and phone number 📱 in exchange for a free guide or tool. You still haven’t asked for the sale, but you have asked for more than you did when they were at the top.

Bottom of the Funnel

Finally, at the bottom of the funnel, you should give a strong call-to-action and ask your leads to buy your product. 💳 This is where your sales happen.

How do I move leads down my funnel?

Now when a lead at the top of the funnel views your content or enters their email address and phone number to be part of your list, how do you get them to the next step in your funnel?

Traditionally, email ✉️ has been the “pusher” to move leads down the funnel. Once they give their email address, you start sending them emails… a lot of emails. Your emails are designed to get them to the next step where you finally ask for the sale.

What we discovered was that email alone was not very effective for moving leads down our funnel. 😟

The Bottleneck

A while ago we were working hard to sell my business training course. We had a funnel in place with a lead magnet, a webinar, and a sales page. We were emailing our leads to move them down the funnel but we quickly found out that most people didn’t read our emails.

Popular statistics echoed our concerns. The average open rate for an email is 18%, the average click rate is only 2%.

The click rate is the percentage of people who click a link in an email to get to the next step in your funnel.

number of unique clicks / number of emails sent = click rate

So we would have 1,000 people come into our funnel, but then only 180 would open the email, and only 20 people would actually click the link to get to the next step. These stats were not good 😲.

The Fix

That’s when we added texting 📱 to our Marketing Funnel. The average open rate of a text message is 99% and the average click rate is 20% - that’s 10x more clicks than what we got from our emails!

That really started moving people down our funnel and it 10x’d our sales - all because we added texting to our email campaigns! 😃

ClickFunnels - The #1 Funnel Creation Tool

The tool we used (and still use) to build our funnels is called “ClickFunnels.” ClickFunnels is an easy-to-use software and it’s perfect for building high-converting pages and content. We used it to build these types of pages in our funnel:

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Converting Funnel Leads with SMS

Mobile Text Alerts integrates easily with ClickFunnels. You can set it up to automatically text your leads in the middle of the funnel and bottom of the funnel steps.

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