Mobile Text Alerts Case Studies

Little School at Grace Church


“For our purpose - communicating with school parents - we'd give it a 10.”


Pace Industries


“Our division has amazing technology and amazing people. However even the best resources can go to waste if there is a lack of a communication. Mobile Text Alerts has really helped to reduce communication gaps. We have 3 groups in our account: Quality, Production, and Safety. If an issue arises that requires immediate attention and threatens to compromise one of these areas, a single text message or email will shine a spotlight on the problem. A dialog is able to immediately take place to start resolving the problem. Everyone that might be needed is instantly informed and is able to contribute as needed. The quality of the service is beyond reproach as well. I usually forget we even have the service, which is an invaluable trait to any over worked IT guy. The couple of times I have reached out to customer service, the response has been quick and by someone who obviously knew the workings of the system. Thank you Mobile Text Alerts, keep up the good work.”


New Tribes Mission




United Legacy


“With smart phones, pagers are obsolete. With mobile text alert, instead of sending a generic page to the whole dept for a callout, I can send specific messages to the teams/squads.”

Tuscano Agency


“We use it to alert our remote staff of office internet outages and things like that.”


Aging & In-Home Services of Northeast Indiana, Inc


Home Buyers Complete, LLC


The Physician Alliance


Mountaintop Faith Ministries


Cache County School District


Bible Way Church of Sumter


Parker & Sons


“[We use it] to text message our field staff individually or as a group. We keep it in place as part of our disaster recovery plan in case email is to go down (this is how we normally dispatch our jobs and communicate to our technicians). With this system we have another way to reach our technicians in the field. Also, for really important announcements we use text messaging because ... email is not looked at consistently.”


N'West Iowa


“We use it during football season to send out quarterly football scores.”


Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic


“we have used it a few times as an alert to our providers of an issue.”


Greenville Free Methodist Church


“We use it primarily for quick communication to our staff, regular communication with our teachers, and communication to key people in the congregation in an emergency (which thankfully we have only had to use for practice)!”


Assemblies of God Credit Union


“[We] use it for informing our employees when there is an emergency.”


Brentwood Baptist


Harper & Pearson


Ohio Thoroughbred Breeders & Owners


Flint Hills Christian School


Gacial Hills Elementary


Bannockburn Swim Club


The Twisted Coconut


“We have drink promotions and treats and sometimes a lunch special. I text customers any of the fun new stuff going on.”


DePaul Community Resources


“We currently use the alert services for emergency, but I see more potential.”


Riverview Reformed Church


“We use it to send our prayer chain alerts, reminders to members of upcoming events, special notes to teens, and messages like that.”


Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks


“We use it to report closures and construction on our regional trail system.”


VMCAD College


“We use it to alert our remote staff of office internet outages and things like that.”


Indiana Carton Co.


“[We] use it for calling off for weather related work closings.”


Nashville First Church of the Nazarene


New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary


Interstate Parking


Payne Auto Group


First Baptist Church of St. John's