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Women Text More than Men

Women text more than men

Now, I’m not sexist but I do recognize that there can sometimes be a huge difference between men and women.  One of the ways this difference can manifest itself is through how men and women approach texting.

In light of that, I thought it might be useful for both sexes to discuss the reality and reasons behind why women text more than men.

Simple Biology

A recent study suggests that women have more of the “language protein” known as Foxp2.  The study found that among a  sample tested among male and female children that the females had 30% more Foxp2 than the males (although the sample was admittedly small).

This biological hypothesis helps explain the notion that “women speak about 20,000 words a day – some 13,000 more than the average man.”  Women, generally speaking, are simply more verbal than men, so it makes sense that they would text more than men.

Texting for Social Connection

Pew reports that “79% of girls say they spend time texting their partner daily, compared with 66% of boys.”

Similarly, the American Psychological Association while teenage girls use texting as a means of connecting with people socially, boys mostly use texting to communicate information.  This difference between boys and girls surely carries over into adulthood.

What to Do with This Information?

Recognizing the differences between how men and women use texting can help us know how to better communicate with each other.

Men need to recognize many women’s need for language and communication, and women need to recognize that men aren’t always wired the same way they are.  With all of this information on mind, we need to learn to be more patient with each other and recognize the needs of the other sex.

For example:

Women, just because a man doesn’t text you back right away doesn’t mean there is something wrong.

Men, just because a woman may feel the need to text you more often than you feel the need to text her doesn’t mean that she is being “needy.”


We all need to recognize and appreciate our differences.  A wonderful thing about the human race is that we all have our own preferences and unique needs.  May we continue to learn and appreciate each other as we communicate with friends, family, and associates every day!

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