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Why You Should Text Your Customers

why you should text your customers

You should text your customers.

Obviously, that statement needs some qualifications and explanation, but it is true.  Plain and simple.  So I’m going to say (type) it again.

You should text your customers.  The benefits of texting customers are becoming more and more apparent to businesses owners across the nations.

What Not to Do

Let me tell you what this concept does not mean:

  • It does not mean that you should text all of your customers
  • It does not mean that you should annoy your customers with spam
  • It does not mean that you need to send texts every day of the week
  • It does not even mean that you need to send texts every week!

What to Do

Here is what texting your customers should look like:

  • You should carefully consider what messages you send to which customers
  • You should send content that your customers actually want to receive
  • You should be intentional about the timing and frequency with which you send messages
  • You should send messages that in some way contribute to bringing in more sales for you

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

Nash Riggins, writer for Small Business Trends, wrote a helpful and interesting article called “10 Amazing Results from SMS Text Marketing.”  The benefits he lists of mobile marketing for business include the following:

  1. Extended reach
  2. Higher response rates
  3. Increased customer retention and repeat sales
  4. Time savings
  5. Cost effectiveness and increased savings
  6. Highly targeted, trackable campaigns
  7. Increased urgency (which equals same-day traffic)
  8. The ability to leverage your other advertising efforts
  9. Increased sales through marketing to an already interested audience
  10. Increased brand loyalty

Any one of these benefits would be reason enough to at least pursue the possibility of mobile marketing for your business.


The bottom line is that people text all the time.  People check their phones constantly.  They read incoming texts almost as soon as they come in.  What more convenient way could there be for businesses to reach customers?

At the risk of sounding like I have some kind of short-term memory problem, I will say (type) it yet again.

You should text your customers.

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