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Why You Should Be Using SMS Marketing for Your Business RIGHT NOW

Why You Should Be Using SMS Marketing for Your Business RIGHT NOW

Are you using SMS marketing for your business?

If not, you should be!

Texting is quickly becoming the norm for how we communicate in our modern society.

With the rise of smartphones and the increasing ease and convenience of sending texts, businesses are jumping on board and taking advantage of this vital tool.

Texting is the primary method of communication

Just look at you and your loved ones’ own personal experiences.

If you heard your phone ping would you look at it right now?

Most likely the answer is yes.

Well, so would your customers!

It seems more and more people are relying on texting for their daily conversations. They pay attention to their texts much more than to emails, social media posts, etc.

So it follows that they will pay more attention to your SMS marketing for your business as well!

Texting has an incredible open rate

The open rate for text messages is as high as 97%.


Compare this to email which according to Campaign Monitor has an open rate of about 20-40% for a healthy campaign.

And don’t even get us started with Facebook posts and the constantly changing Facebook algorithm.

Think about it this way: When you want your spouse to pick up milk on their way home from work, you won’t typically send them an email or post on their Facebook timeline.

What will you do? Send them a text!

SMS marketing for your business WORKS!

Because of the fact that people pay attention to texts and texts have such a huge open rate, SMS marketing for your business actually does work!

Just take it from some actual testimonials:

  • “Now ladies and gentlemen, nothing replaces hustle and hard work, but Mobile Text Alerts comes close. I had postcards made up instead of business cards, and everywhere I go I hand those babies out and tell people to sign up for my text alerts. … My secret? Send out a picture of your coolest piece [of merchandise] with your alert, and then show that piece in the middle of your live [sale on Facebook]. … I have Mobile Text Alerts to thank for being a huge part of my success!” -Julie, direct sales seller
  • “Customers learn about important matters very quickly.” -customer from Rockland County, NY
  • “It is definitely worth the money! My customers love knowing when we are live and we have a lot more show up because of it!” -Donna, retailer
  • “I am a mobile bakery Food Truck that specializes in Cupcakes called Kastle’s Kreations. We are known for winning Season 9 of the Food Network Show Cupcake Wars! We won with a Lemon Rosemary Smoked Salmon Cupcake. We offer over 100 gourment cupcake flavors and our menu rotates weekly. We are in Alaska and move around between Anchorage, Eagle River and Wasilla which is where the text alerts program comes in! Makes it easy for our customers to keep up with our location. We have over 1000 people on our text alerts. Text Alerts helps us bridge the gap of people who are not on social media since that was our main way of communicating of where the cupcake truck would be. Facebook changed its algorithm and it made it hard for people to see our content. … Now people tell me the texts are “unhealthy” for their diets 🤣 since now they always know where we are! They said the love the texts and they definitely work!” -Kastle, business owner
  • “Best way to get DEALS out to my customers, fast.” -Cari, retailer

The results speak for themselves!

Want to give text alerts a try for your business? Try a free test account today!

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