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Why Every Organization Should Use Texting


Texting is on the rise among family members, friends, church congregations, and even businesses!  Gigi Peccolo of the business website OneReach discusses how texting is “widespread, affordable, real-time, and flexible.”  She lists many statistics that prove the importance and potential of texting for any organization.

According to Pew Internet, 97% of Americans who own a smartphone use the texting app at least once a day—making texting the most frequently used smartphone app in the country.  In addition, texting has become the most common activity on cell phones in general, with more than 80% of all adults in America sending texts.

Indeed, texting is so common in America that Forrester reports that Americans as a whole send more than 6 billion texts each day.  USA Today discusses how most adults text for an average of 23 hours per week.  That’s almost a whole day out of the week!

Whether we like it or not, calling is quickly giving way to texting as people’s preferred method of communication is becoming more and more obvious, as Nielsen reports that now people make only half as many phone calls as they send out text messages.

How should we respond to all of these statistics?  As churches, as businesses, as non-profits—as any group or organization that needs to communicate to multiple people—we need to “take SMS seriously,” as Peccolo points out.  Texting is proving to be a much more effective way of communicating than phone, email, or social media.

You’ve got to make a plan to utilize texting for your own organization, to figure out the best way to take advantage of the tools you have at your fingertips.  Only you know the specific needs of your situation, so do your research and take action.

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