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Who Uses SMS for Real Estate and How

SMS for real estate seems to be growing in popularity.

As realtor associations/boards and realtors themselves seek ways to connect with members and clients, texting presents itself as a quick, efficient, and easy way to get info across.

Who uses SMS for real estate?

Several realty-related organizations use text alerts:

  • Realtor boards
  • Realtor associations
  • Real estate companies
  • Realtor councils

What kinds of messages do they send?

A large portion of our real estate customers are boards and associations who need to get reminders and updates out to their members:

  • “Reminder: Board of Director Meeting today at 11:30 a.m. Lunch provided.”
  • “Since Lancaster County Schools are on a 2 hour delay, we will push our BOD meeting to 10:30 this morning. Travel safe!
  • “Have you paid your lockbox key dues? Check your email for a late notice.”
  • “New Agent Orientation has been changed to 3/12 at 9:30.”
  • “Biggest event of the year. Annual Golf Tournament, 4/5/19. Grab your teams and sign-up”

Other uses of SMS for real estate include:

  • Notifying agents about potential safety threats (“John Smith has been contacting female agents, has no means to purchase”)
  • Providing employees with office-related updates (“Our main office has experienced a brief power outage. Power company is working on restoring services. Until then, please work remotely. We will update you again once we know more.”
  • Giving clients details about an available property

What can you do with an SMS alert system?

A text alert system will allow you not only to send out messages but several other features such as:

What about you? Do you use SMS for your own realtor company or organization?

If you’re interested in getting started, try a free test account for text alerts today to get a feel for how it works.

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