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What is Business SMS?

What is business SMS?

It’s not like texting your best friend, or your spouse, or your grandma.

It’s not like texting your mom, your neighbor, or your kid’s teacher.

It’s more along the lines of texting your employees or your customers.

When it comes to business, there are two broad categories of texting: texting for the office and texting for marketing.

Business SMS in the office

Many organizations use SMS to communicate important info to their office.

You can use texting for different notifications such as:

  • Office closures
  • Meeting reminders
  • Announcements
  • Payroll notifications

Sending SMS allows you to communicate important info out to a lot of people in the office quickly.

This is a valuable tool in many office situations!

Business SMS for marketing

Aside from office notifications, what is business SMS for marketing?

Just like with your email and social media marketing campaigns, you can use SMS to market to customers and potential customers.

Since texting has such a high open rate – some say as much as 97% – it’s a no-brainer to at least look into taking advantage of it.

After all, how often do you ignore your texts? If you got a ping right now, would you check it? So would your customers! 🙂

With business texting you can set up campaigns such as:

  • Advertising a new product
  • Announcing a sale
  • Communicating an exclusive deal
  • Engaging customers and encouraging interaction

You can read more about SMS marketing and what it entails here.

Using SMS for business has a lot of potential: potential to improve the communication in your office and potential to boost sales and up your marketing.

You’d be missing out if you didn’t at least think about giving it a try. Sign up for a free test account today to get a feel for how it works!

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