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Was is an SMS short code

What is an SMS Short Code and What Can You Do with It?

When using an SMS system (a text system), it is helpful to know terminology. One phrase that may come up is short code. But what exactly is an SMS short code?

What is an SMS Short Code?

In your regular, everyday texting, you send messages to your friends and family via long code. These are just normal, 10-digit numbers (in the United States at least).

Text alert systems will often use a number shorter than your typical 10-digit number. These short numbers are called short codes.

For example, our system at Mobile Text Alerts uses several 5-digit sending numbers. Each of these numbers is a shared SMS short code.

You also have the capability to set up a dedicated SMS short code (meaning only you will have access to that number and no one else will send messages through it). Contact us if you were interested in pricing for this!

What Can You Do with Your Short Code?

As mentioned, messages sent through Mobile Text Alerts are primarily sent using short codes. So the primary use of a short code is, of course, to send text alerts.

Beyond that, your account comes with some free short code keywords. A keyword is a particular word that you can tell people to text in to subscribe to your texts. (For example, “Text UPDATES to 74121 to subscribe to our notifications!”)

Your account comes with free keywords on our long code (10-digit number) as well, but having a shorter number for people to text in to can be an advantage.

Hopefully this brief explanation of what an SMS short code is helps you be more educated and informed about using a text alert system!

If you’d like to give text alerts a try, go ahead and sign up for a free test account today!

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