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What is an SMS Keyword

What is an SMS Keyword?

Here at Mobile Text Alerts you may see language that talks about “keywords.” But what is an SMS keyword?

In short, a keyword is a word you set up for your account that people can text in to a particular number in order to be subscribed.

Confused? Let me explain. 🙂

SMS keyword example

For example, let’s say you set up the keyword HAPPINESS on the number 74121. You could then tell people, “Text HAPPINESS to 74121 to be subscribed to my alerts!”

Then anytime somebody sent a text to the number 74121 with the word “happiness” in the text body, their phone number will be automatically added to your text alert system’s subscriber list.

This provides a simple and convenient way for people to opt in to your text messages.

You can view and edit the keyword(s) for your account under the Keywords tab on your control panel. From there you can also view the number people need to text your keyword(s) into, and you can also create additional keywords for your account.

Bonus notes about keywords

  • Your account will come with a certain number of free shortcode keywords (these are keywords on shorter, 5-digit numbers). You can check out our Pricing page to see how many free shortcode keywords come with the plan you purchased.
  • If you have groups set up on your account you can assign keywords to a particular target group from your Manage Keywords tab. Then if somebody texts in that particular keyword, their phone number will not only be subscribed to your master subscriber list but will also be added to the designated target group.
  • All accounts come with unlimited free keywords on our longcode (10-digit number), 662-200-4303. Your account will come with a general keyword on the longcode by default. To create additional keywords on the longcode, you must first create a group under Manage Groups and you can assign a Group Keyword from there, or you can add the keyword from the Manage Keywords tab after the group has been created. (Adding longcode keywords requires a group affiliated with each keyword.)
  • One bonus with the longcode keywords is that people can include their names when texting in. For example, if your keyword is HAPPINESS and someone texts in “Happiness John Smith” to 662-200-4303, their number will be added to your subscriber list and “John Smith” will be parsed in as their name.

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