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What is an SMS Drip Campaign?

If you look at our Pricing page for our text alert system plans you will see that they all include “Drip Campaigns” as a feature. But what is an SMS drip campaign?

Our Help Center describes a drip campaign as “a series of messages you set up using your online SMS service to automatically be sent out to your subscribers over a specified period of time. For example, you could set it up so that the first message will be sent immediately when the subscriber signs up; then the second message could go out the next day, the third message could go out the next week, and so on.”

What Does an SMS Drip Campaign Look Like?

Here’s an example of what an SMS drip campaign might look like.

Let’s say you are running a promotion and you want to drive interest to this promotion using texting.

Your customer, Steve, is told he can text the word PROMO to a particular number to start receiving promotions.

Upon following those instructions, Steve receives the following text: “Thank you for subscribing! Stay tuned for some great promotions. Reply STOP to opt out at any time.”

Two days later, Steve automatically receives a text that says, “Don’t forget our Back to School sale – Everything is 25% off until August 31st!”

A week after that, another text is automatically sent: “If you missed the Back to School sale, you have one more chance to catch the discount! Just show this text at checkout in the next 7 days to receive 25% off your purchase.”

Steve receives yet another text 30 days later: “Miss out on the Back to School promo? Don’t worry – our Halloween sale is coming up. Enjoy 15% off all orange and black products starting Oct. 1st-31st. See you then!”

How Would You Use Drip Campaigns?

This is just an example of how you could use a drip campaign. The possibilities are endless and are dependent on what kind of business or organization you run.

The great news is that it’s a feature included in every plan at – Sign up for a free test account today if you’d like to give it a try!

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